Carnright supports revised animal cruelty laws


KINGSTON – Legislation in the state Assembly that would amend animal cruelty laws has the support of Ulster County District Attorney Holley Carnright.
Currently animal cruelty falls under State Agriculture and Markets Law with the language dating back to 1881.  The new proposal would place animal cruelty provisions under penal law.
Carnright said the change “would promote the uniform and efficient enforcement of animal cruelty laws (and) encourage effective training and cooperation between law enforcement and peace officers in investigating, collecting, and preserving evidence in cases of animal cruelty.”
The proposed changes would simplify confusing terms of more serious animal cruelty provisions, the DA said.
“The new laws would harmonize with the rest of our criminal laws as to the required mental state and appropriate punishment for perpetrators of crimes… (and) appropriately modify our animal cruelty laws to more fairly and accurately reflect our values as a society with regard to the serious and heinous crime of animal cruelty.”

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