Mom sentenced for poisoning death of her son



WHITE PLAINS – The Kentucky woman convicted in Westchester County
of killing her five-year-old son by poisoning him with massive doses of
salt was sentenced Wednesday to 20 years to life in state prison.

Lacey Spears, 27, was convicted on March 2 of depraved murder in the death
of Garnett-Paul Spears, who died on January 23, 2014.

The child was first taken by his mother to Nyack Hospital for seizure
activity where he was admitted. On January 19, he was airlifted to Westchester
Medical Center and admitted.

On January 21, medical staff found him on his back, unresponsive, and
barely breathing,, with both pupils blown and he was pale gray in color.
The head of the hospitals’ Pediatric Intensive Care Unit called
in a Child Protective Services report to the State Central Register.

Westchester District Attorney Janet DiFiore said Lacey Spears forced her
son to “suffer through repeated hospitalizations, unneeded surgical
procedures and ultimately poisoning with salt, all at the hands of the
one person who should have been his ultimate protector: his mother.”

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