Court of Appeals upholds capacity zone

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POUGHKEEPSIE – The US Court of Appeals upheld the new capacity zone ordered by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro is disappointed.
“The Court of Appeals has disregarded the numerous financial burdens that will be imposed on Dutchess County residents as a result of their ruling,” Molinaro said.  “FERC’s new capacity zone plan was hastily pushed through by unelected bureaucrats, and as a result could cost Dutchess County residents an additional $13.5 million in energy costs without any tangible benefits.”  
The county exec said allowing the FERC plan to go forward “sets a dangerous and undemocratic precedent for how our local energy policies are decided. We must not allow local energy policy to be dictated by federal bureaucrats that are completely out of touch with our constituency.”