Postal Service looks to repurpose Stewart sort center


USPS sort center

NEW WINDSOR – The Postal Service’s mail sorting center at the Stewart Airport Industrial Park will be scaled back more, but will not be closed, officials said.
Much of the center’s sorting operations have been transferred to the Albany center and in July, even more will be shifted. But, Postal Service spokesman George Flood said the center will not be shut down.
Flood said the Postal Service is exploring a possible new use for the large facility and others like it around the nation.
“One of the things that we are looking at right now is to utilize that space and we handle a lot of packages,” Flood said.  “We’ve had a significant jump in packages and that is one of the things we are taking a look at, how we can repurpose our buildings and handle those packages better than we are doing now.”
That surge in packages is as a result of the continually increasing Internet sales. 

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