Appeals court rejects claims by drug dealer


KINGSTON – The Appellate Division
of State Supreme Court has rejected the appeal of a man convicted of drug
sales in Kingston as part of “Operation Clean Sweep.”

Tyrone Chappelle was convicted by an Ulster County Court jury in September
2012 of two counts each of criminal possession and criminal sale of a
controlled substance as felonies as a result of his involvement in two
separate cocaine sales to a confidential police informant in November

He was sentenced as a prior felony offender to 10 years in prison and
three years of parole on his possession convictions and concurrent 15
year sentences with three years of parole on the drug sales counts.

On appeal, Chappelle maintained a portion of the jury member selection
process was not stenographically transcribed and that his attorney was
ineffective for failing to object to what he called this “glaring”

The appeals court rejected that argument as well as Chappelle’s
claim that the county court erred in admitting the cocaine into evidence.


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