Ex-con convicted of selling heroin in Kingston


KINGSTON – An Ulster County Court jury on Thursday found a man with two prior felony convictions guilty of three counts charging him with criminal possession of a controlled substance and false impersonation.
Joseph Smith was arrested in April 2014 following an investigation into Midtown Kingston drug sales conducted by Kingston City Police. When he was arrested after being observed selling drugs to another man, police recovered 19 packages of cocaine.
Smith’s prior convictions include one for illegally possessing a loaded handgun and the other for assaulting a police officer.
During this most recent trial, Judge Donald Williams reprimanded Smith at times for contemptuous behavior.
The defense called Irving Lowe as a witness. He was the man Smith was allegedly selling drugs to when arrested. He testified that he did not know smith until they met in the county jail following that arrest. On cross examination, Smith admitted that he had nine prior convictions for possession of cocaine. 

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