Wallkill to dispatch closest ambulance in emergencies


TOWN OF WALLKILL – The Town of Wallkill wants the closest ambulance to response in emergency situations and to do that, it needs automated vehicle locators (AVLs) in ambulances that are linked to the county’s 911 dispatch center.
The county legislature has approved that link and Town Supervisor Daniel Depew said that is a significant step toward serving town residents better.
“If someone is hurt and needs assistance from an ambulance, that the closest ambulance to that person that is qualified to deal with them should be dispatched to them as soon as possible,” Depew said. “In looking at that philosophy and trying to implement that, we have worked with the legislature and 911 and the volunteer and paid ambulance services to put AVLs in their vehicles that would help us be able to make those determinations.”
The automatic vehicle locators for the ambulances are similar to those placed in police cars so the closest vehicles can respond to emergency calls.

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