State buys half-acre adjacent to Walkway in Poughkeepsie

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Poughkeepsie side of the Walkway

POUGHKEEPSIE – New York State purchased a half-acre parcel of land on the Poughkeepsie side of the Walkway Over the Hudson for $550,000 with plans to use it for park-related purposes. The Open Space Institute sold it to the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. Money from the state’s Environmental Protection Fund paid for the land at the intersection of Washington Street and Parker Avenue.
The parcel includes a vacant 7,500 square foot warehouse and manufacturing building as well as an adjacent empty lot.
The state agency will conduct a feasibility study to determine potential uses for the land, including park offices, public restrooms, streetscape improvements and equipment storage.
The park office is currently housed in a construction trailer at the Highland side and has portable restrooms on the Poughkeepsie side.