Westchester lawmakers back state-wide campus sexual assault prevention policy


WHITE PLAINS – Democratic members
of the Westchester County Board of Legislators Friday went on record in
support of a uniform sexual assault policy on all New York college campuses.

The support by the lawmakers is in keeping with the governor’s “Enough
is Enough” proposal that extends the State University policy to
all colleges.

Westchester Board Majority Leader Catherine Borgia said that disregard
for serious crimes cannot be tolerated.

“We do think it is very important, not only for all New York State,
but specifically in Westchester we have many colleges and universities
and we think it’s a good statement to all of those places that we
believe this is a significant issue that merits serious consideration
and these rules that are working very well on the SUNY and CUNY campuses
should be spread to all of the private universities in New York State,”
she said.
Legislator Alfreda Williams said that too many victims of sexual assault
and sexual violence “have had to suffer needlessly in their quest
for proper care and justice following attacks.” She said quick adoption
of the SUNY policy would be “for the good of those attending colleges
and universities here in New York.”