Schumer joins call for feds to speed up finalized rail tank car rules


WASHINGTON – In the wake of last week’s massive West Virginia explosion where derailed crude oil tanker cars went up in flames creating a fireball in the sky, US Senator Charles Schumer called on the US Department of Transportation and the Office of Management and Budget to expedite the release of finalized rules and new comprehensive car standards for trains carrying oil.
The senator said the train that derailed and exploded in West Virginia
was made up of CPC-1232 cars, which are not significantly safer than the
rupture-prone DOT-111 cars.
Schumer and a host of local, state and other federal representatives are concerned about those crude oil-transporting rail cars as similar ones transport oil up and down along the Hudson River waterfront and pass right through Rockland, Orange and Ulster counties on their way north and south. 

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