Hein vetoes propane gas van measure


KINGSTON – Saying the use of propane
to fuel Ulster County vehicles is neither environmentally nor fiscally
sound, County Executive Michael Hein vetoed the measure on Friday.
The county legislature earlier this week approved a measure to retrofit five sheriff’s office transport vans to propane in a pilot project.

Hein, seated, signs his veto
message as environmentalists who support his position look on

Hein said there are far better alternative fuels that could be used including
plug-in electric and biodiesel vehicles.
“I don’t veto things very often; this is only the fourth one I have issued in six years as county executive, but I am always going to stand on the side of the taxpayers and our environment and this is one of those classic examples of where there was no choice but to veto,” he said. “It is my great hope that the legislature will rethink this. I look forward to helping them form the best possible green fleet policy.”
Hein said administration “has been consistent throughout this issue, moving forward with initiatives like biodiesel fuel for our bus fleet and installing the most robust network of electric vehicle charging stations through the region.”
The county’s environmental coordinator, Amanda LaValle, presented Hein with her position paper on why propone should be rejected.
It is known if lawmakers will attempt to override Hein’s veto.  The 14-9 vote on Tuesday is two short of what would be needed for an override.   

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