Kaplowitz calls for negotiations in Westchester’s HUD housing settlement


WHITE PLAINS – Westchester County Board of Legislators’ Chairman Michael Kaplowitz called a decision by the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit “a significant victory” for the county.
The decision in the case of the county versus the US Department of Housing and Urban Development stems from the 2009 housing settlement and said HUD’s actions are subject to judicial review, specifically that the agency’s summary rejection of the county’s Analysis of Impediments submissions is not acceptable.
The decision does not bring back the lost $6.7 million from 2011 and the $15.6 million for 2012-2014 which is still imperiled, Kaplowitz said.  He said the judicial review ordered does not guarantee the county victory; it only guarantees its day in court before the same judge who ruled against the county several times in the past.
“This decision provides a perfect opportunity for all parties in this matter to sit down and reach an end-game settlement to the issues of both the 2009 Housing Settlement and the loss of Community Development Block Grant monies,” Kaplowitz said. 

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