Valley View continues to reduce expenses


GOSHEN – Orange County legislators Tuesday learned that county spending on the Valley View nursing home continues to decline.
While county administrations have pushed to sell the facility maintaining
it would cost as much as $30 million a year to operate it, that cost is
significantly lower, noted County Legislator Michael Michael Anagnostakis,
chairman of the Health and Mental Health Committee.
“It looks like that facility is doing better and better,” Anagnostakis said. “It looks like last year is going to come in well under $3 million cost for the county taxpayers. Let’s see what the auditors come in with, but it might be as low as $2.3 million, the way I see them right now.  I would say keep this facility. Let the workers continue to do the great work reducing the cost and don’t forget, if you were to get rid of the facility, you would have to pay around $5 million for the privilege of not owning it.”
The legislature placed a full year of funding in the 2015 budget to cover the cost of operating Valley View.

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