Newburgh council opposes Pilgrim Pipeline


NEWBURGH – The Newburgh City Council voted unanimously Wednesday night to oppose the proposed Pilgrim Pipeline that would carry natural gas through the city.
The issue was brought to the council’s attention by the local citizens’ group Committee Opposed to Dirty Energy.
Before the council voted against the pipeline, several residents voiced
their opposition to it, including Jacov Sullivan, a member of the CODE
group, who urged the council to take the measure one step further.
“To oppose any movement to make Newburgh refining center for the expansion of Global Energy, to become ever more aware, you, yourselves as persons, as citizens of this town, becoming more aware and vigilant in what is being transported and passed through on these ever-long trains going through our community carrying this Bakken oil,” Sullivan said.
Without any discussion the council voted to oppose the pipeline. 

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