Orange County protects Glenmere Lake

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Glenmere Lake

WARWICK – Orange County Government will protect another 95 acres of Glenmere Lake property in a further effort to improve public water quality and preserve the natural habitat in that area of the Town of Warwick.
The county currently owns 695 acres in the Glenmere Preserve extending across the towns and villages of Warwick, Chester and Florida.
The latest tract of land had been foreclosed on for non-payment of taxes. It had been slated for the auction block, but county law allowed it to be removed from public sale if it was determined the land would benefit local municipalities.
According to the State Department of Environmental Conservation, the lake is New York’s largest habitat for the endangered Northern Cricket Frog.
The reservoir serves as the sole water supply for the Village of Florida as well as customers in the Town of Goshen including the Valley View nursing home, the county jail, the Emergency Services Center and the county Department of Social Services.
“By acquiring these additional 95 acres, Orange County protects a critical habitat and ensures the quality of a major water supply,” said County Executive Steven Neuhaus.