Gibson, Maloney continue their “across the aisle” efforts


L-R: Pattern President Jonathan Drapkin, Maloney, Gibson

POUGHKEEPSIE – Congressmen Sean Patrick Maloney (D, 18) and Christopher Gibson (R, 19) continued their discussion of working across the political aisle on Friday.  They spoke at a forum conducted by Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress.
Democrat Maloney emphasized that he has an “excellent working relationship” with Gibson, a Republican.
“We’ve gotten real results, whether it’s fighting these artificial energy price hikes that the FERC has been trying to do, or, whether it’s working on farm issues or working on veteran’s issues,” Maloney said. “There’s no limit to what we can do when we stop playing political games.”
The two lawmakers are working on Lyme disease issues, Agent Orange coverage for veterans impacted from the Vietnam War, helping college students with loan debt, and benefits for people who want to enter agriculture.
“These are not partisan issues,” Gibson said.  “These are issues that affect all of us and our people expect that we’re going to work together, and we do.”
The lawmakers have sponsored several bills together saying political party is irrelevant. 

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