Rolison to run for Poughkeepsie mayor



POUGHKEEPSIE – Republican Dutchess County Legislature Chairman
Robert Rolison will officially announce his candidacy for Poughkeepsie
mayor next Wednesday.

Rolison, a retired Poughkeepsie town police officer, has been in the legislature
for a dozen years, and said he now wants to give back to his hometown.

“The City of Poughkeepsie is the county seat and it is such an important
place in history and in today’s world that we live in, which is
so non-stop and always on the go, the city is a very vibrant place, but
we need to continue to move it forward,” he said.
Rolison will not be running for the county legislature this fall, but
he said it will be good to have new blood on the county level.

Current Mayor John Tkazyik cannot run again as the city has term limits.

Two Democrats have already announced their candidacy – Alderman
Robert Mallory and Poughkeepsie School Board Member Randall Johnson.

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