Fire department funding through Homeland Security in jeopardy, senator says


WASHINGTON – If Congress does not re-up funding for the Department of Homeland Security by the end of the month, the agency and its programs could face a shutdown.
That has US Senator Charles Schumer (D, NY) concerned because among other things, funding for local fire department needs would be held up.
“The lost time, God forbid it is longer than it has to be, would leave New York firehouses waiting at the altar and because federal grants can constitute  such a significant part of a fire district’s fiscal plan, it puts that in jeopardy as well,” Schumer said.  “They don’t know how to plan for this and they don’t know the results of their applications on time that can mess up their budgeting process.”
In the Hudson Valley, there are 83 fire departments applying for federal firefighter funds this year. Between 2014 and 2013, 36 fire departments were awarded federal funds totaling $6.9 million.

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