No criminal charges in Monroe-Woodbury school athletics investigation

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GOSHEN – No charges will be filed against members of the Monroe-Woodbury Junior Varsity Football Team members, who allegedly subjected other members to verbal or physical abuse.
Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler said following investigation
in conjunction with the Woodbury Town Police Department, no charges could
be filed because the accused are all underage.
“All of the children had the defense of infancy because they were less than 16 years of age,” the DA said. “Because of that they can’t be charged with anything criminal. Does it mean nothing happened? Absolutely not. It just means that given the circumstances of our investigation, I am basically powerless to do anything because of the ages.”
The investigation also revealed insufficient evidence to support a prosecution of any staff member, Hoovler said.
While there can be no criminal charges against any students, the DA said he would work with Monroe-Woodbury school officials to implement programs to educate staff and students, and putting controls in place to ensure that children participating in school sports are not harassed by other students or adults.
The allegations were initially brought to Hoovler’s office last fall by the acting superintendent of schools.