Carlucci rallies support to raise age for juvenile offender status


Carlucci (podium): “recidivism”

OSSINING – With a backdrop of the Sing Sing Correctional Facility at Ossining on Friday, State Senator David Carlucci brought together a number of supporters of legislation that would raise the age of juvenile offenders from 16 to 18. That means a youth committing a crime at age 16 or 17 would be considered as a juvenile if the measure proposed by the governor is approved by the legislature.
Youths who are now considered as adults at ages 16 and 17 often wind up worse off in the long run, Carlucci said.
“What we have seen is the recidivism rate is so high that any of the people that do get out of prison after they served when they are 16 and 17 years old, they are committing crimes that are worse than they were sent to prison in the first place,” The senator said.
Carlucci was joined outside Sing Sing by officials of the NAACP, Families Together in New York State and Westchester Children’s Association. 

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