Newburgh’s only supermarket opens


Wide aisle in the new Save-A-Lot store

NEWBURGH – The first full-service supermarket in Newburgh in decades was mobbed with shoppers on opening day Thursday. The Save-A-Lot store, on Lake Street, is in a modern building that briefly housed a pharmacy in recent years.
City Councilwoman Regina Angelo said in her 32 years on the council, she cannot remember the time when the city had a supermarket.
Mayor Judy Kennedy said the store should do well with all of the apartments in the immediate area.
“I think the whole city is excited to see you because we really haven’t had a big store like this inside the city limits for a long time,” she told store management.
Company officials were equally as thrilled with the welcome saying they felt they had the perfect location to service city residents.
Mark Schepers is the regional merchandizing manager who opened the store.
“The neighborhood has been very welcoming since we started building the store,” Schepers said.  “They have been knocking on the door asking when we are going to open, so I think the neighborhood is pretty excited to see us.”  
Customers entering the store are greeted by a large aisle of fresh fruits and produce. Several aisles of packaged groceries line shelves with a large frozen food section the entire depth of the store on the far side of the building. 

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