Gibson calls for sweeping reforms: economy, education, foreign policy

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Gibson (file): “… endemic
corruption …”

KINGSTON – Congressman Christopher Gibson (R, NY19) detailed his
vision for sweeping reforms across the board, at an Ulster County Chamber
of Commerce breakfast in Kingston Thursday. His speech touched upon the
economy, education, and foreign policy.
Gibson broke the ice with a discussion of tax reform, noting his recent appointment to the House Small Business Committee. He said he is co-sponsoring a bill to target $1.5 trillion of private funding for infrastructure projects, capital currently overseas, which can be lured back to the US through tax incentives.
Common Core Curriculum should be re-evaluated, Gibson said, comparing the national education standards to what he called the failed “No Child Left Behind” policy under the Bush administration.
“We’re centralizing; that’s not helpful,” Gibson said. “We’re trying to homogenize graduates in one-size-fits-all policies, and what has come with this is unfunded mandates.”.
To Gibson, it was a bad idea.
“I personally believe the Common Core has been a mistake. I’ve been part of an effort to roll this back.”
Foreign policy is another topic where Gibson believes change is required.
He said at the end of the Cold War, the US “morphed into becoming the world’s policeman, and we’re not any safer because of that.” He said the country is “spending money that really should be put in other areas.”
Gibson expressed his concern at last week’s downfall of state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver on charges of corruption.
“We’ve seen too much of this. We have systemic endemic corruption within our state.”
He called for term limits in the state legislature.
“The history of mankind, absolute power corrupts absolutely,” he said. “We’ve got to change campaign finance too; this is part of the problem.”