Senator pushes to raise cutoff age for health coverage of children of severely disabled vets

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WASHINGTON –A federal proposal that
would ensure children of severely disabled veterans or those who made
the supreme sacrifice would be kept on VA health insurance until they
are 26 under legislation is being supported by Senator Charles Schumer.
In the Hudson Valley, there are 1,243 recipients of the federal insurance plan and Schumer would like the rules changed.
“Under current law, children until CHAMPVA health coverage lose their insurance coverage when they are 18; if they are a fulltime student at an accredited university when they turn 23, whether they have finished college or not,” Schumer said. “All other insurance programs allow dependents to stay on their parents’ health insurance until they are 26. In this case, our veterans are treated less well.”
There are over 13,000 children of veterans in New York who would qualify for the higher coverage age cutoff.