Monticello Interfaith Council sets this year’s mission


MONTICELLO – The Monticello Interfaith Council has as its goals bringing the faith communities of the greater community together for dialogue, information sharing, celebration and social transformation in Monticello.
Margaret Langston, president of Shambhala International, a Buddhist organization, is the new president.
While the group engages in removing barriers between faiths, she said they would like to expand their participation and membership.
“We are in conversation now with what is the best way to about building those relationships with other churches, other synagogues, and we would like to bring in the local Moslem community; I think there is a local mosque and we would like to bring them in,” Langston said.
The membership of the interfaith council, which at present includes members of the Christian, Jewish and Buddhist faiths, is engaged in youth activities, helps coordinate food pantries, holds an annual community thanksgiving dinner and engages in community outreach.

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