FEMA grants $4 million for Hurricane Sandy Glen Island Park repairs


WASHINGTON – FEMA is going to provide
New Rochelle over $4 million to make permanent repairs to Glen Island
Park, which was damaged during Hurricane Sandy.

Sections of the bath house were completely destroyed and half of the sand
on the beach was swept away by the storm. Trees were also downed.
The total cost of the project is just under $4.5 million with FEMA covering
90 percent of the cost.
“This Westchester treasure suffered serious damage during Hurricane
Sandy and this federal disaster assistance goes a long way in taking the
cost burden of repairs off of taxpayers and reassuring local residents
that the federal government will be there as they continue their recovery
efforts,” said US Senator Charles Schumer.

“As Glen Island Park and the surrounding community continue to recover
from Hurricane Sandy, these FEMA funds will help ensure that local residents
are not stuck with the bill for damages caused by the storm,” said
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.


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