Newburgh to consider council confirmation of manager appointments


NEWBURGH – When the president appoints a top level official, the US Senate must confirm that nomination. Similarly, when the governor nominates someone for a top post, the state Senate must confirm it. But, in the City of Newburgh, when the manager appoints someone, there is no confirmation process.
That could change.
Councilwoman Cindy Holmes has proposed a charter change to require council approval of city manager appointments.
Mayor Judy Kennedy has reservations about the idea.
“When councils and mayors, people who are elected, start having a say in who is going to be hired in the city, you open a Pandora’s Box for people being rewarded with jobs if you help me get elected,” Kennedy said. “That is a dangerous slippery slope for elected officials to have power over who is going to be hired.”
Councilman Cedric Brown does not see it that way.
“It doesn’t open a slippery slope,” Brown said. “Everyone has one vote on this table. I can’t see corruption entering into the minds of at least four people at this table. I don’t know anybody who would be able to buy four votes, but I have seen stranger things happen.”
City lawmakers will draft a proposed charter change and bring it up for a public hearing.

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