DEC certifies cleanup at Catskill brownfield site


CATSKILL – The State Department of
Environmental Conservation has determined that the cleanup requirements
have been met to address coal tar contamination to the Catskill former
manufactured gas plant site on Water Street Catskill.

Central Hudson Gas and Electric performed the cleanup with oversight from
the DEC. The state agency has approved a final engineering report and
issued a certificate of completion for the site.

Remediation included removal of 13,000 cubic yards of impacted soil down
to an average depth of 17 feet below ground and the backfilling with clean

Some 3,300 tons of impacted sediments were dredged from Catskill Creek
adjacent to the site down to a depth of eight feet below the mud line.

The site is just under one acre in size and includes three separate parcels.
Two former manufactured gas plants were located there.

One area of the property is zoned restricted residential and is currently
undergoing commercial development. The other two parcels are zoned commercial.
Greene County also has funding in place to construct a bike path along
Catskill Creek.
The first Catskill MGP plant began operation in 1858 using the coal
carbonization process. In 1923, the Upper Hudson Electric and Railroad
Company built a new carbureted water gas plant nearly adjacent to the
first plant, doubling the capacity.

In 1926, the Upper Hudson Electric and Railroad Company merged with several
other small utility companies to form Central Hudson. In 1932, Central
Hudson converted the carbureted water gas plant to a butane air gas operation,
which continued in that manner until 1958, when a natural gas transmission
line was constructed and the plant was closed.


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