Mayoral candidate Johnson releases police diversity action plan

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POUGHKEEPSIE – Democratic Poughkeepsie mayoral candidate Randall Johnson released his police diversity action plan, laying out what he said is a “comprehensive roadmap” to recruit more women and minority police officers in the city.
His first priority would be to identify a police officer as a minority recruiter, who would attend churches and community events and talk directly with prospective officers.
The recruiter would also have the responsibility to mentor candidates through the application process.
Johnson said he would also explore a residency incentive to ensure that officers are “invested in the community.”
His plan would also have the city work with school officials to expand and enhance the school resource officer program “that allows young adults with an interest in law enforcement to learn more about the career path.”
City councilman Robert Mallory is also running for mayor as a Democrat.
No Republican has stepped forward; however, it is expected that Dutchess County Legislature Chairman Robert Rolison will throw his hat into the ring.