Sullivan launches Charter Review Commission


Commission members, sitting in the front row, were introduced at
Thursday monthly County Legislature meeting

MONTICELLO – Thirteen residents of Sullivan County will spend the next several months reinventing county government. 
County Legislature Chairman Scott Samuelson says the newly formed Charter Review Commission has a blank check to go forward, or even go back in time.
“Going back to the Board of Supervisors is not something I advocated,” Samuel said.  “It’s just something I’ve heard in the community.  The same thing with the county exec.  The staggered terms for legislators, that is something I wholeheartedly believe in, so I make the suggestion, but I would respect any decision they come back with.”
Currently, all nine legislators are elected at once, every four years.  In 2011, seven new legislators were elected with only two holdovers. 
Ken Walter is one of the more visible members of the commission, regularly attending most committee and full board meetings.  One of his goals is increasing openness and accessibility to county government.
“That people have access to information that’s disseminated at all the committee meetings and the full board meetings, that’s much more accessible online, and even we should have our meetings being streamed at all times,” Walter said.  “There’s no reason why we can’t.  We have the bandwidth to do it now; I know it for sure.  It’s just something we have to make a commitment for and it has to be more of a political commitment to do that.”
The other commission members are Steve Altman, Paul Burckard, Bruce Ferguson,
Sandra Johnson Fields, Dave Forshay, James Hanson, Peg Harrison, Bill
Liblick, Matthew Migliacco, Ray Nargizian, Nadia Rajsz and Larry Richardson. 


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