Orange County expected to keep same sales tax sharing formula


GOSHEN – The sales tax sharing agreement Orange County Government has with its three cities looks like it will be renewed when it expires in several months.
The Rules Committee of the county legislature discussed the distribution plan which sees the cities of Newburgh, Middletown and Port Jervis agreeing to share the county tax income with the towns receiving a smaller percentage.
Following committee discussion on Wednesday, its chairman Dennis Simmons said the current arrangement is probably going to stay in place.
“It is my understanding what they are going to do is basically they negotiated with the three cities and they are going to leave it the way it presently is and use the new census data,” Simmons said. “My understanding is that Newburgh and Middletown may gain a little bit and Port Jervis, because of the census data, will lose a little bit.”
The full county legislature must take up the proposal before the current contract would be formally extended.

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