MTA approves fare hikes for Metro-North



NEW YORK – If you travel on the Metro-North Railroad, effective
March 22, the fares will be going up. The same applies to MTA subways,
bridges and tunnels in New York City. The MTA Board approved the hikes
on Thursday.

The cost of commuting monthly on the Port Jervis Line from Middletown
to and from Hoboken will increase from $327 to $340.

The cost of commuting on the Hudson Line from Poughkeepsie to Grand Central
Terminal will increase from $486 to $506.

MTA President Thomas Prendergast said riders should know what they are
receiving for their ticket prices.

“The assurance that the reliability, the maintainability, the security
of the system is there, that they can depend on, that they know if they
go downstairs to catch a train they can catch a train. They have a reasonable
ride, a comfortable ride and they can get to their destination on time.
Same thing with buses. That’s the first promise we have to make,”
he said.
Prendergast also noted the costs of goods and services and employee salaries
and benefits also continue to increase, adding to the need for additional
revenue. But at the time, he said the MTA has been tightening its belt
in recent months to keep operating costs as low as possible.

Rockland County Executive Edwin Day, meanwhile, criticized the fare hikes.
“Rockland County, as well as many families and businesses, have
closed budget gaps by reducing expenses and improving efficiencies. The
MTA should be taking similar steps, instead of balancing its books on
the backs of riders and drivers.”

On East of Hudson lines, the cost of travel to and from Manhattan for
a monthly commutation will see a range of increase from 3.72 percent to
4.20 percent.

On West of Hudson lines, monthly commutation increases will range from
3.39 percent to 4.79 percent.


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