Dutchess lawmakers expected to approve $2.9 million water line to county airport


POUGHKEEPSIE – Dutchess County officials are counting on bringing water to the county airport in Wappinger as a means of attracting new business to the facility.
The county legislature will vote on Thursday on bonding $2.9 million
to pay for the cost of extending the county’s water transmission
line to the airport in anticipation of bringing more business to the facility
and surrounding area, said legislature Chairman Robert Rolison.
“Unless we have a dedicated water source at the airport, we are not going to see the kind of expansion that we need, specifically, new hangar space has to come with fire suppression systems and unless you have dedicated water that is not going to happen,” Rolison said.  “This is critical to not only the infrastructure of the airport, but the economic improvement of it and also the areas around the airport, Airport Drive, which is a commercial center, we are able to get water to that will actually be a boost to that commercial area as well.”  
Extending the water line is a key component of County Executive Marcus Molinaro’s plan to beef up development and use of the county airport. 

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