Westchester lawmakers consider children’s product safety act


WHITE PLAINS – How the County of Westchester could prevent children’s toys manufactured with dangerous chemical contents from being sold locally was the topic of discussion on Monday.
Lawmakers discussed the issue with an official of the New York League of Conservation Voters, which supports banning sales of those toys.
While the issue has no apparent opposition, Legislature Chairman Michael Kaplowitz was among those who said the county might be able to do more to ban those toys if they join forces.
“How effective can we be and we don’t want to get into a situation where we put something out that feels good that gets challenged in court, gets thrown out and you haven’t moved the ball down the field anyway when in fact you can be much more effective on another level,” he said. “Where we are good at is lobbying. Where we are good at is joining with other neighbors.”
Kaplowitz said Westchester should talk with other counties on the state level, “Where now five or six or 10 counties speak to Albany. Now they better do something like this because we want to protect our kids.”
Albany County recently adopted a child product safety measure, which doesn’t take effect for a year, officials said.

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