Former Governor cuomo remembered

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Five of Gov. Cuomo’s grandchildren, representing the family,
led the mourners in prayers of petition

NEW YORK – Hundreds packed a Park Avenue church where former Governor Mario Cuomo, and members of his family, sometimes attended.  The occasion was a funeral for the former three-term governor, who died last Thursday at age 82.
A good portion of the almost two-hour service was a tribute from the current governor, and son of the former governor, Andrew Cuomo. 
“Mario Cuomo’s politics were more a personal belief system,” Andrew said.  “It was who he was, not what he did.”
Andrew Cuomo expressed gratitude that after being out of public light for two decades, thousands remembered his father both at the public wake on Monday, and by attending the private funeral.
“My father hadn’t been in public service in 20 years.  Think about that; 20 years.  And, he had gotten very quiet after public service, but people remembered, and they remembered enough to show up 20 years later.”
Former Orange County Democrat Committee Chairman Jonathon Jacobson attended the funeral.
“The eulogy by Governor Andrew Cuomo was quite stirring.  It was so personal.  It had bits of humor in it, and also just great eloquence.”
Jacobson said Cuomo was a powerful motivation in developing his interest in politics.
“He inspired us to continue to get involved or continue in politics.  He was a true Democrat.  He believed in responsibility of government to solve problems.  He spoke eloquently how government could provide opportunity for all to achieve the American Dream.”
Other dignitaries attending the funeral included Bill and Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder.