State audit criticizes Hughsonville Fire Company


TOWN OF WAPPINGER – A state comptroller’s audit of the Hughsonville Fire Company’s found fault with its bookkeeping practices.
The company, in the Town of Wappinger, was audited for the period of January 1, 2013 through February 28, 2014.
The audit found the company’s board has not developed adequate policies and procedures for the procurement of goods and services, credit card use, cash receipts, cash disbursements or the audit of claims.  It said the treasurer does not reconcile bank accounts in a timely manner or issue press-numbered duplicate receipts and it said fund-raising deposits were less than collections in March 2013, disbursements totaling $10,515 had no supporting documentation to identify their purpose and checks totaling $52,976 had no evidence of approval by the board or company members.
The auditors recommended that the fire company adopt and enforce written policies and procedures that establish a strong system of internal controls of the company’s financial operations; that it prepare and document monthly bank reconciliations in a timely manner and issue duplicate press-numbers receipts; and that it establish internal controls to ensure all fund-raising moneys collected are properly records and deposited.

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