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We welcome your opinion on any subject of interest pertaining to the Hudson Valley.

This column may include "Opinion" pieces, submitted by public officials, and "Letters", submitted by citizens. These letters are presented as opinions only, not as news or confirmed facts.

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Supports Tyner

Joan Carbonaro's bad taste array of campaign signs along the many roads of Clinton and Rhinebeck in no way qualifies her to be our county legislator.

In fact, this garish road sign effort is reminiscent of a circus or carnival's arrival.

Joel Tyner has proven himself to be a caring, effective, dedicated, knowledgeable, and tireless legislator for us all.  His innovative, practical, researched and studied proposals for tax savings, operating inefficiencies, spending reductions, moral and ethical leadership are needed i county government and administration.


Larry Freedman
(September 21)


CPV and Millennium

Like so many in our area, I was ecstatic to learn that NYS DEC Deputy Commissioner Thomas Berkman wrote a decision to deny permits to Millenium Pipeline Co for its proposed Valley Lateral Pipeline, which would have provided toxic fracked fuel to our region's prime public health menace, the CPV toxic power plant in Wawayanda (TH-R, 9/1/17).

It was interesting to read a little later that Assemblyperson James Skoufis has also seen the light by coming out against the CPV public health menace (TH-R, 9/2/17). Better late than never, Mr. Skoufis! Will Congressperson Sean Patrick Maloney ever wake up, or is he too enamored of CPV contributions to his campaign fund? Better to keep CPV money coming in to his coffers and CPV contributing to our increased need for coffins, then to prevent the poisoning of his constituents? 

For those who missed it, CPV, off I-84 by Middletown, would be poisonous because it would emit neurotoxic and carcinogenic particulates that irrevocably poison our water supply and crops, including those of the Black Dirt region. Additionally, these poisonous particles enter and remain in our bodies when we breathe them in. Furthermore, as DEC noted, pipelines that carry poisonous fracked material leak at rate of about 10%. Those poisons (which include synthetics, heavy metals, and naturally-occurring radioactive particles) leach into our water supply and they cannot be removed. 

Safe green renewable energy is feasible, economically lucrative, and the only sane choice. 

Barbara Kidney
CoChair - Hudson Valley Green Party
(September 19)


Supports Segarra

To the Residents of Peekskill, NY

I would like to extend my support to Mr. Luis Segarra for candidate for Councilmember for the City of Peekskill, NY.   Since my introduction to Mr. Segarra he has been an excellent example of a person with good moral character.  He is a big supporter of the Hispanic and African American Community, and has for many years assisted me in getting them involved with projects in my district.

He has a great understanding of working within communities in need, and works with all parties to ensure the outcome is a benefit to the community and the residents that live there.  Mr. Segarra is well respected and liked in the Construction Industry, and his ability to mentor small businesses has been an asset to businesses throughout the city.

I truly believe Mr. Segarra would be an asset to the City of Peekskill and its businesses and residents.

Robert Rodriguez
NYS Assembly, 68th District
(September 11)


Supports Lujan

Upon the announcement that the NYSDEC rejected a key permit needed for the CPV Valley power plant marking a clear shift in the state’s support for the project, many politicians publicly came out against it.  However, one of the first politicians to publicly oppose CPV, well before it was “safe” is a now a candidate for county legislator for district 4 in Newburgh, Kevindaryan Lujan. Kevin’s immediate rejection of the county-wide health and safety risks the project would create demonstrates leadership we both unfortunately lack in Orange County, and desperately need.

When Kevin was first contemplating a run for this seat he contacted our group to learn about the environmental issues facing our county.  We sat down together and discussed a number of issues including the likely health impacts from the plant, the vulnerabilities of low income populations, and how the emissions would affect residents in Newburgh, not only less than 25 miles as the crow flies, but also in the direction of prevailing winds channeled through the I84 corridor.

We also talked in depth about PFOA contamination in Newburgh. His probing questions reflected a deep concern for the well-being of his community as well as a keen desire to understand the science.  He quickly grasped the magnitude of this emerging health crisis. Ensuring that the residents of Newburgh get the resources, redress, and healthcare services they deserve will require vigorous and vigilant advocacy. Kevindaryan Lujan is the only candidate that can meet that challenge. Newburgh needs him!

Pramilla Malick
Chair, Protect Orange County
(September 6)


“Frustrated” with Faso forum

As a member of the audience during Congressman John Faso’s August 31 forum hosted by Move Forward New York I was frustrated and angered by Mr. Faso’s evasive and dismissive responses. Question after specific question was deflected or neutralized by responses such as “we’ll have to agree to disagree” or “you can’t always get what you want” concluding with “you are utterly uniformed.” What was clear is that Mr. Faso will not denounce Trump despite the President’s statement that there were “very fine people” marching alongside Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Faso will continue to take money from sources like the Mercer family with ties to white nationalists, and he is completely unrepentant over his two votes for the American Health Care Act, a destructive bill that is estimated to leave over 90,000 constituents without health insurance in Congressional District 19.  We deserve much better from our representative.

Jason Eckardt
(September 3)


Supports Shakur

Dear City of Newburgh Residents,

I am writing to encourage you to vote Sept.12th for my son, Omari Shakur, the "ENDORSED" Democratic Candidate for the 4th Legislative District in the city of Newburgh. Omari, a native of Newburgh, has experienced many of the same things youth today are experiencing.

Newburgh has been plagued by many things, and our youth are often blamed. Omari strives to show them, he has changed, and so can they.

Newburgh needs Omari to be their voice in the County Legislature for he can suggest solutions to bring new birth to our city, especially for our youth. Until the problems of our youth are seriously addressed, Newburgh will never reach its full potential. Omari realizes this and hopefully the county will also.

Omari has personally registered over 2,500 city residents, talks to the youth everyday, and has productive ideas for solutions. As our County Legislator, he will have the political power to develop and implement programs that will seriously address the causative factors of the violence that holding our city down.
Our youth need the tools to confront the "hole' left in their hearts. Omari feels that with the right resources that can be possible.

Your vote for Omari Shakur will be a vote for the beginning of a "serious" turn around for the city of Newburgh and an opportunity for positive change. Your vote can make that happen!

Lillie Howard
(October 3)


Criticizes Borgia’s “Nazi” comment re Astorino

Westchester County Legislator Catherine Borgia calling County Executive Rob Astorino a “Nazi” is a new low for her.  It’s also wrong on so many levels. 

First, Rob Astorino is a good, decent and honorable man. Only a hyper-partisan would call Rob such a vile name but sadly, that’s who Catherine Borgia is.

Second, we get enough of the toxic political discourse nationally, unfortunately. For Ms. Borgia to infuse such hatred and ugliness into Westchester’s politics is shameful. We deserve better.

And lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the trivialization of the word “Nazi” is an affront to the large Jewish population who live in Westchester.  Nazism was an evil ideology that exterminated millions of Jews during World War II.  People know what the word “Nazi” connotes – wicked evil. To assign such a label to a political opponent over a policy dispute, as Catherine Borgia did, is ignorant, reckless and disrespectful.

Ms. Borgia has received bipartisan condemnation. Michael Kaplowitz (D-Somers), Chairman of the Board of Legislators, called Ms. Borgia’s hateful remarks “wrong and inexcusable.”

Yet, Ms. Borgia still refuses to fully apologize. Such stubbornness underscores the arrogance of someone who has lost touch with the good folks she was elected to represent – someone more focused on hyper-politics and not helping people.

It’s unfortunate that this whole sordid episode had to occur but it highlights a key reason why I decided to run for county legislature against Catherine Borgia.  Her temperament and hyper-partisan focus is a poor fit for the middle-class families and seniors of Ossining, Briarcliff, Croton, Cortlandt and Peekskill.

I know because I have lived here all my life, served this community for 26 years as a county police officer and 38 years as a volunteer firefighter.  The hard-working people here want safe communities, good jobs and lower property taxes and they want their elected representatives to focus on those interests, not on the divisive, self-serving politics that Catherine Borgia is obsessed with.

Bob Outhouse
Candidate – Westchester County Legislator – District 9
(September 3)



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