How To Get Customers To Your Website?



Wondering how to get customers to your website? SEO

Having a website is a vital business asset in today’s tech-savvy marketplace. SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is an ESSENTIAL part of any website and ensures that it is seen by prospective clients. Unfortunately, SEO is one of the most often overlooked aspects of website development. Your website can be one of the most valuable tools you have for attracting new business, so making sure your website is seen in search results is extremely important.

How does SEO help draw in customers?

For the uninitiated, SEO deals with making websites most visible when people search for things online using search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. Every time you search for something using these sites, they use complex algorithms to quickly scan the entirety of the Internet to try to find websites that best fit what you’re looking for. These search engines can only scan the content (or copy) within your website to quickly surmise if your website is a good match for that person’s search. Optimizing a website mainly deals with making sure the content is rich with the terms people are searching for. The copy on your homepage and internal pages, title tags for those pages, and even the URL’s for your internal pages can all be optimized to help you rank higher in search results. And the higher you are on the list, the more likely people are to visit your site.

Why SEO is important for your website

Your website should look great and function efficiently, but none of that matters if no one sees it. That’s where Search Engine Optimization comes in. Optimizing your site correctly is a very cost effective way to get the jump on your competition and generate online leads. To put it in simpler terms, having a great website and not optimizing it is like buying the prettiest dress for the prom and covering it up with a burlap sack. Google is the most viewed website in the world and 85% of web traffic comes from search engines. All of these people using search engines have to be treated like potential leads for business. To that end, businesses should be doing everything in their power to rank high in search results to get that potential business.

Two ways SEO can drive customers to your site

There are two different ways to set up Search Engine Optimization: manual or organic SEO and Pay-Per-Click advertising. Lots of companies forgo organic SEO in favor of Pay-Per-Click online advertising campaigns, because it seems easier to do and they think they’ll get better results. Have you ever Googled something and had listings for websites appear above and to the right of the search results? That’s Pay-Per-Click advertising. While Pay-Per-Click works (kinda) there are some MAJOR cons to only using that method to market your website online. Firstly, many users have what we call “banner blindness”. With the staggering amount of shady websites with malicious content, users have conditioned themselves to completely ignore the results in these locations because they know it’s been paid for and choose to trust the websites that have “earned” their ranking. 86% of users say that they feel websites that come up in organic search results are more trustworthy than paid results. The second problem with pay-per-click is right in the name. You pay for every time someone clicks through to your website. The more successful a pay-per-click campaign is, the more money you’ll have to shell out. That might be a good value proposition if every single person that visits your website turns into a sales lead, but as we all know, that’s not necessarily the case. Depending on what your business is, Pay-per-click may not give you the best return on investment.

Pay-per-click can be a risky investment, which is why we at A.J. Ross highly recommend organic SEO and always recommend to our clients that organic SEO is the way to go. Having an expert optimize your website to come up in organic searches is usually a one-time flat fee, making it a cost effective way to market your business and, in most instances, the better option. Working with a professional advertising agency that knows the top search terms for your profession will help you earn a high ranking in search results and ensure that your visitors feel confident and secure in visiting your website.

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