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The Whys And Hows To Promoting A Business On Facebook

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It will come as no surprise that as of 2013, Facebook has acquired over a billion users across the globe. This social media giant has given a whole new meaning to the phrase “everyone and their mother is there.” Because now, more than ever, parents are actually joining their kids online.

What do these Facebook stats have to do with your business?

Now that the average age of Facebook users in the U.S. is about 40 (, this means that you have a direct link to more of your target audience than ever before. Your coworkers, business affiliates, and potential clients are engaging with your online persona, and your business must meet their social needs in more than just one location.

You’re probably saying to yourself “I already have a beautiful, informative website. Why spend time on social media?” But what if you could take all that valuable information from your website and transform it into a medium that molds to what over a billion people already love: Facebook?

Using Facebook as a second business website

Using Facebook as a “second website” can not only allow you to interact with an age group more willing to be a part of your business’ clientele list, but the site now has tools that let you actively pursue that professional outreach. Imagine the new range of communication if you use Facebook as an industry tool and an extension of your existing website. You’ll be able to connect with more people and connect with them on a more personal level.

A more advanced function Facebook offers, is the ability to transform the tabs under your cover photo into additional pages, just like on an classic website. By working with a creative media agency they can create and program tabs that can host a number of ways to appeal to your target audience. This is exactly what we provide for our clients here at AJRoss. We let you choose from a wide range of options; everything from general ads, to forms, video and audio, or even downloadable brochures. If you know what your customers are looking for, we can help you can give them exactly what they want! The content potential for these pages is worth the effort! Just like a business’ website, these pages will allow you to brag about your business. Whether you want to highlight a service, promote a sale, or tell a great story about how you got started, people will have the ability to learn more about the most valuable aspects of your business.

Facebook Ads

So now that you’ve set up an official business page, what’s next? Well Facebook has provided a set of tools that let you post more than just a picture of your morning status meeting. Facebook’s Ad Manager helps you create ads for your business based on predetermined goals you set yourself. First choose an “advertising objective” (such as getting more page likes), then fill in an explanation of your promotion or advertisement, pair it with a photo and you’re all set! Facebook can also help you tap into specific demographics your ad needs to reach. It places your ad on users pages who meet the criteria you request, using categories such as age, gender, and location. You can customize an ad to reach a specified goal and engage with certain people, plus Facebook lets you upload a contact list in which you can easily and safely appeal to clients that have already shown an interest. So not only will you be reaching an already expanded number of people, you’ll still have control over who you want to engage.

Using Facebook’s analytics to boost business

A small, yet valuable feature that people underestimate on Facebook, is the Analytics Page. This data is the key to your business’ long-term social success. By analyzing the data on this page, you can track and make improvements to when, what, and how you post online. You get the full breakdown and timeline of all your own activity, but more importantly, you get an incredibly valuable insight into how the public is engaging your page and it’s material. You’ll see who is responding, when they’re viewing your page, what posts are getting the most likes, what pictures are being shared, and so forth. With this knowledge you can further customize how your page is run. For example if you see most of your followers view your page at lunchtime, you can be sure to post in the late morning to attract the most attention. You get the idea. Successfully marketing your business on Facebook is all about social strategy.

Using Facebook as a second website gives you the opportunity to create a social footprint by engaging your target audience, and opening the door for them to interact with your business in a way that speaks to them. By no means can Facebook replace the traditional, high-quality, established website, but every business seeks to have that “personal touch” in which they can build a lasting connection and investment with their clients. And for right now at least, that relationship is partly being initiated through social media.

So don’t be afraid for your business to jump on the bandwagon, utilize Facebook’s newest promotional advantages, and benefit from all the resources social media has to offer!

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