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Allan Ross - Act Bigger

Hi this is Allan Ross from AJ Ross Creative Media

Today I would like to talk about,

When size really does matter… How to look and act bigger to increase business and grow.

We all know the infamous account of David and Goliath, where a young little boy defends himself and wins over the renowned giant. It’s the classic ‘underdog wins story’ and emphasizes the importance of using one’s knowledge over one’s physical size.

While that may work most of the time–there still is that new business pitch or new venture when you realize–size really does matter.

Here are some tips on how to look and act bigger than you are to land that new business and help your business grow, all without giving up what you went into business for in the first place–your expertise.

First, you need to surround yourself with professionals who think and work like you. I call this the “type wow” personality, and I mean it in a good sense. Owning your own business is fast paced and there is no room for an unmotivated staff. The key is to nurture talent and keep them. Your image is portrayed not only by you, but also by all who work for, and with you.

Image is everything. So, how does a small to mid-sized company compete with the designer, high-end New York City executives? “Stay on top of your game,” is the best way to put it. Project an image of confidence and assurance, but be sure to back it with experience, examples and referrals. Know your field, know your client’s needs and cater to your client as if he or she is the only one that exists. Larger companies tend to lose sight of client needs, and quickly, once they get the account.

You may have to tweak who you are on occasion. If your office looks more like a storage bin than a workplace, rent space for that big meeting. Bring in the caterer if necessary. Even hire temporary staff. Show that you are interested in entertaining your new client.

Re-think your marketing materials–from your letterhead to your brochure to your web site. Do you present a mom-and-pop image or a new, trend-setting company ready to produce that award-winning widget or provide that phenomenal service? Yes, image. And yes, it’s important to have a polished, professional and integrated package to explain who you are and what you do. You need more than just a logo and some ads in the local newspaper. You need a professional marketing company. Make the investment. Hire a company who knows what they are doing, who has experience and a track record. Remember, you get what you pay for. A lot of companies try to save money and hire designers who have no marketing or branding experience. You should also use public relations, which is a tried-and-true approach that should be an integral part of any marketing program. Have the agency write and place announcements of your firms’ achievements, new business and new hires, feature articles, and even speaking and seminar engagements.

So, with tape measure in hand, or at least a fresh look at your company and what you do–it’s time to move forward. Use your talents, seek advice, outsource, revise your image by hiring the right brand professionals, tell everyone and… succeed.

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