Wednesday, July 20, 2005

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Governor appoints new Medicaid inspector general

Governor George Pataki yesterday announced that he was creating a new position of Medicaid inspector general to keep a close watch on the program.

The governor unveiled a five-point program that he said will strengthen the state’s ability to fight Medicaid fraud, waste and abuse.

The plan has the backing of Hudson Valley Senator William Larkin. “We spend more in New York per individual than Texas and California combined,” he said. “When you look at some of the actions that go on, this is a fraud. You can talk all you want about taking benefits away from somebody, but when people are losing benefits because someone is committing a fraud and we’re not doing anything about it, shame on us in New York.”

The Governor is also appointing Paul Shechtman, a former federal prosecutor, former prosecutor with the Manhattan District Attorney's Office and former director of the State's Division of Criminal Justice Services, to recommend a series of long-term reforms that will improve and expand the state's current efforts to fight Medicaid fraud. 


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