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Putnam Valley to hire special patrol officer

Supervisor Oliverio (left) meets with Sheriff Langley and members of the Protective Services Committee
of the Putnam Legislature. including Paul Jonke and Ginny Nacerino.

PUTNAM VALLEY – Putnam Valley Supervisor Sam Oliverio met with members of the Putnam County Legislature’s Protective Services Committee Tuesday evening and requested the hiring of a Special Patrol Officer or SPO for the town hall complex located off Oscawana Lake Road.

Oliverio told committee members Paul Jonke, Ginny Nacerino and Neal Sullivan along with Legislators Toni Addonizio, Joseph Castellano, Nancy Montgomery and Amy Sayegh who were also in attendance, “security is needed at town hall since our employees are frightened. We are in the middle of nowhere in a very isolated area of town and despite reworking our doors so that they are much more secure, installing cameras, improving lighting while providing training to our employees in case the unimaginable ever occurs, our employees are concerned with the increased amount of senseless shootings and anti-government rage being exhibited by individuals and groups within the U.S.”

Oliverio said his town board does not want a full-time deputy sheriff but a “retired individual under the auspices of the sheriff’s department much like our Putnam Valley Elementary School SPO.”

Sheriff Robert Langley was also in attendance at the meeting and he told Oliverio the officer would work five days a week from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. “It’s always best to be proactive rather than reactive,” Langley told the supervisor and legislators.

Chairman Jonke said County Attorney Jennifer Bumgarner was in the process of creating a contract for SPO’s for the Town of Carmel. “Her office will now begin the process for Putnam Valley as well.”

The township will pick up the entire tab of the SPO, which the sheriff said with start up costs including training, equipment, a radio and weapon will range around $50,000.

Oliverio said the town was hoping to have the SPO on board by January 1, 2020.


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