Saturday, March 9, 2019




Orange County Legislature stands with Newburgh over contaminated water cleanup

GOSHEN – The Orange County Legislature believes the Air Force is “balking” at its responsibility to clean up the contamination of City of Newburgh’s water supply.         

The carcinogenic chemicals PFOS and PFOA have poisoned Washington Lake, the city’s reservoir and those chemicals have emanated from the New York Air National Guard’s base at Stewart Airport.

The Air Force has refused to pay for the cleanup and that is being condemned by the county legislature. Chairman Stephen Brescia and his colleagues are standing with Newburgh in calling for the Defense agency to pay for remediation.

“It’s their responsibility to clean up the mess that they created so we’re all on board with that,” Brescia said. “It’s terrible that they are just walking away from the responsibilities. It shouldn’t be the local taxpayers to pay for the cleanup that branch of the military created.”

Washington Lake was shut down three years ago and the state has been paying for Newburgh to tap into the New York City Catskill Aqueduct for its water. In recent months, Newburgh has been tapping Brown’s Pond while the aqueduct was temporarily shut down for maintenance repairs.


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