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Protect your pooch in extreme cold

CARMEL – It may be common sense but officers with the Putnam County SPCA have been on the prowl in recent days checking on complaints that dogs were being left out of doors in frigid weather.

Ken Ross, chief of the SPCA Law Enforcement Division, said most dog owners have been very cooperative when visited by the officers. “A few know everything telling us that the dog ‘loves’ the cold weather but according to state Agriculture and Markets Law, ‘fresh water must be provided to a dog left out-of-doors’ and when the mercury drops to near zero, the fresh water turns to ice which constitutes an arrest. At that point we get their attention.”

Ross said in previous years, dogs had been left outdoors resulting in serious consequences for both the owner and as well as the pet. “Once instance comes to mind that occurred in Kent when a pit bull was found frozen to death after being left out of doors in arctic weather which resulted in an arrest.”

Ross recalled during a tour of duty with the SPCA Police last summer, “We advise the public not to leave their dog in the car due to the excessive heat buildup. Conversely, one should never leave his or her dog in the car when the mercury drops to single digits or below zero. The inside of a parked car quickly becomes an ice box.”

Ross said SPCA patrols continue. Anyone observing an animal in need of assistance is asked to call the SPCA Police at 845-520-6915.


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