Saturday, January 12, 2019



Columbia County urges state to slow down recreational marijuana legislation

HUDSON – The Columbia County Board of Health has teamed up with the New York State Association of County officials in urging the governor and legislature to slow down the speed at which the legalization of recreational marijuana is moving forward to provide adequate time for state and local officials to assess the potential effects on public health.

“Many in public health believe that legalizing recreational marijuana before putting strategies in place to deal with the health and safety issues that legalization would bring could lead to a public health crisis in the coming years,” said County Public Health Director Jack Mabb. He mentioned reports of increased traffic accidents and violent crime in states like Colorado following legalization of recreational marijuana.

The New York State Association of County Health Officials noted that county health officials serve on the front line of defense in local communities, witnessing the devastation associated with the abuse of opioid medications.

“While the addictive risk of opioids is different than marijuana, we are concerned that the legalization of marijuana will similarly result in unintended, harmful consequences for countless New Yorkers,” said association Executive Director Sarah Ravenhall.


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