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Putnam County Legislature leadership re-elected

Addonizio and Castellano

CARMEL – The Putnam Legislature conducted its annual organizational meeting Tuesday evening with Legislator Joseph Castellano of Southeast being reappointed as chair and Legislator Toni Addonizio of Kent as vice chair. Both votes to appoint were unanimous with Legislator Carl Albano absent.

The meeting was the first for Legislator Nancy Montgomery who represents constituents on the western side of the county and the Philipstown Democrat made her presence known before her all GOP colleagues.

Montgomery requested that the adoption of the legislative manual be tabled in order that she may be able to fully digest the document which she indicated had just been received. The request fell on deaf ears since no one seconded the motion to table.

Montgomery told her colleagues that she had contacted Chairman Castellano prior to the new year requesting appointment to a number of committees as the result of her expertise and knowledge in certain areas of government.

Montgomery was appointed as legislative representative to the Region 3 Forest Practice Board, Fish and Wildlife Management Board and Capital Projects Committee yet when Castellano appointed Legislators Amy Sayegh and Ginny Nacerino to the Putnam Soil and Water Conservation District Board and Legislator Sayegh and Neal Sullivan as representatives to the Board of Health, Montgomery voted against each resolution inquiring as to the qualifications needed for the positions.

The freshman lawmaker advised the legislators that she had “extensive experience related to water and conservation issues in addition to facilitating programs related to health matters in greater Philipstown. I am disappointed,” she said.

Castellano responded by saying that “This legislature has nine members who are qualified representatives of the people of Putnam County.”

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