Wednesday, January 9, 2019



Kingston mayor: Hub for economic development, culture and acceptance

Noble: "Let us continue to grow together"

KINGSTON – The theme for the City of Kingston this year, as outlined by Mayor Steven Noble, is growth, city infrastructure improvement, social consciousness and tax relief forresidents.

During Noble’s 2019 State of the City address Tuesday night, the mayor emphasized the third year in a row of lowered residential and commercial property taxes, boasted a grant portfolio fund of over $36 million, successful union negotiations with the CSEA, as well as the firefighter’s union and a number of infrastructure projects.

Many of those projects have been previously announced, including the Kingston Greenline, Broadway Streetscape project, Kingston Point Rail Trail and sewage overflow remediation. However, a number of the more socially concerning projects are intended to come to full fruition in 2019, like the Youth Restorative Justice Center, the homeless consensus, satellite campuses for SUNY Ulster and investments in health education under Live Well Kingston, among others.

Noble said sometimes people can be apprehensive about growth, but when it’s done in the right way it can benefit all residents.

“Our city is growing, and growth can sound scary sometimes. It might seem easier to remain still, to keep things the way they’ve always been. It may feel more comfortable to ignore new ideas and be surrounded by people who look and think alike, but that’s how cities crumble. We have far too much at stake to be lulled into complacency, not when we’ve come this far.”

Kingston is becoming a hub for economic development, culture and acceptance, Noble said. The growth is part of that inclusive nature the city wants to foster, where all Kingston residents feel they are part of a burgeoning, progressive community, the mayor said.

“I am confident that you will find that everyone has a place here in Kingston,” said Noble. “This is my home. It’s your home and it’s your home, and it’s your home too. Let us continue to grow together, lifting up one another, so that we can reach higher than we ever dreamed possible.”


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