Monday, January 7, 2019



Housing the homeless on the rise in Sullivan County

MONTICELLO – The economy in the region may be doing very well, but the number of homeless people being provided with emergency housing in Sullivan County is on the rise.

Deputy County Family Services Commissioner William Moon noted, for example, that last Thursday night, the county provided housing for 125 people, a high number for that county.

Overall, housing the homeless in Sullivan has been on the rise, Moon said.

“In federal fiscal year 2016 we had a little more than 15,000 homeless housing days that we paid to put people up that year. In federal fiscal year ’17 that jumped to just under 18,000. In the federal fiscal year that we just finished, federal fiscal year ’18, the numbers are now almost 23,000 homeless housing days last year that we put people up for.”

Moon said the county is looking for “better long-term solutions” to deal with the issue.

One problem is that while the economy may be doing better with more jobs for people, rents are increasing, continuing to make it difficult for people to pay for housing.


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