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Repairs to Poughkeepsie hotel exterior underway

POUGHKEEPSIE - Poughkeepsie firefighters had to remove sections of loose facade from the north side of the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel on New Year's Day, after being summoned there because pieces of the two-inch-thick material were crashing from the eighth floor of the hotel to the street below.  The engineer hired by Bonura Hospitality Group, owners of the hotel, is blaming wind-driven rain for the incident.

The facade of the building is constructed of two-inch Styrofoam insulation adhered to the sheathing with mastic and then coated and waterproofed with a synthetic stucco product, according to engineer John Fuller.  Fuller indicated that there are 1 ½ inch horizontal caulk joints at each floor creating panels on the north wall that are approximately nine feet tall and 31 feet wide. 

The engineer issued a report of his inspection findings to the city's building department on January 3.  The report says, in part "wind-driven rain forced itself into one of the caulk joints and caused the Styrofoam to become waterlogged on the panel at the eighth floor of the north wall.  Once the foam became waterlogged it delaminated from the sheathing and the wind ripped a portion of this panel off of the building."  Reviewing photos of the fire department working at the incident, Fuller says "the fire department removed the rest of this floor's facade panel."

Poughkeepsie Landing LLC has been working on the repairs since Wednesday.  As a result, partial road closures are taking place on both Market Street and the westbound arterial in the vicinity of the hotel.  Calls to Joe Bonura Jr., of Bonura Hospitality Group seeking a time frame of repairs have not been returned. 

The engineer's report declares that the structure is secure but he is recommending that the section above the failure be replaced as well because it also appears to have been damaged by the wind-driven rain.  Fuller's report also says that the building's owner has contacted a caulking company to make repairs to caulk joints on the entire building as necessary to prevent any future issues.


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