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Molinaro camp conducts telephone poll

POUGHKEEPSIE - Recently the Dutchess County Democratic Committee paid for a poll to obtain the viability of three potential Democratic candidates to run against incumbent Republican Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro. 

The poll asked about hypothetical races pitting Molinaro against County Comptroller Robin Lois, New York State Bridge Authority Executive Director Joseph Ruggiero, and former state senate candidate Karen Smythe. 

The poll also implied that the State Attorney General was investigating Molinaro for fraud.  When asked about the poll, and the suggestive investigation question, Democratic Committee Chairwoman Elisa Sumner declined to respond.  GOP Chairman Michael McCormack responded by calling the poll "despicable, a lie, and an utter disgrace."

Shortly after the Democratic committee started polling, Molinaro put out his own telephone poll that addressed the same three hypothetical races as well as general information questions.  No mention was made of alleged investigations or pay-to-play complaints.  When asked about the difference between the two polls, Molinaro said "I saw the ugliest nature of New York State politics; we don't need that here.  I will always keep the high road." 

Molinaro's comments were a reference to his recent unsuccessful gubernatorial campaign which triggered the Dutchess County Democrats to file complaints of "pay-to-play" allegations involving Molinaro, his wife, and a local businessman.  In December, the Dutchess County Board of Ethics unanimously decided that the complaints were unfounded and the case was closed.

A few Democrats that received the Molinaro calls say that it didn't include the required "paid for" information.  Molinaro disputes that saying he recorded the tag line himself with "Paid for by Molinaro for Dutchess."  When contacted at her office for a comment about the difference in the two polls, Sumner told that she does not comment on polls.



Q1. Favorability on Trump

                a) strong favorable

                b) somewhat favorable

                c) no opinion

                d) somewhat unfavorable 

                e) strong unfavorable

q2. Favorability on Cuomo

q#. Are you going to vote in 2019? yes/no

q3. Right Track/ wrong track on Dutchess County

q4. Most important issue in Dutchess

                1) Corruption/ethics in government

                2) Drugs and opioids

                3) Taxes

                4) jobs and economy

                5) crime and safety

                6) education

                7) I don’t remember

q5. Favorable opinion of Marc Molinaro

q6. Favorable opinion of Karen Smythe

q7. Favorable opinion of Robin Lois

q8. Favorable opinion of Joseph Ruggiero

q9. If election were tomorrow for County Exec:

                a) Molinaro

                b) Karen Smythe

q10. Molinaro vs. Lois

q11. Molinaro vs. Ruggiero

q12. Are you male or female?

q13. enter the last two digits of your birth year

q14. What is your party?

q15. What is your race? white, black,…..

q16. what is your political leaning?  liberal, moderate, or conservative?



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