Wednesday, February 6, 2019



Poughkeepsie council holds off on approving infrastructure bonds

POUGHKEEPSIE - City of Poughkeepsie Finance Commissioner William Brady presented four bond resolutions to the common council Monday evening and the board took no action.  Brady said the funding for the projects was not in the 2019 budget but all are in need of immediate attention and requiring bonding to obtain the funds.  Councilwoman Natasha Cherry has said that her finance committee will be reviewing all the projects and will not be voting on any of the bonding resolutions until February 19th.

One project in which bids are being received is to repair a leaking roof at the Clover Street firehouse.  The bond request is for $250,000.  According to Brady, the flat roof was last repaired in 2007 and is currently leaking.  The bid requests went out seeking two different options; the cost to repair the leaks, estimated at $75,000 or replace the entire roof for an estimated cost between $210,000 and $250,000.  

Finney said she was “not in favor of city employees sleeping under leaking roofs of course.  I did not get the impression that the leak was dropping down on the employees and I was deferring to Ms. Cherry who is very conscientious about taking care of matters like this. However, if it is as bad as you say, then certainly we'll move faster.  We are in favor of repairing the roof of course and this is the first the council's heard of it."

Other projects brought up for bonding are a $165,000 bond for refurbishing the city hall parking garage and a bond in the amount of $250,000 for the repair of a collapsed sewer line on Taylor Avenue.  A fourth bond request for $100,000 would cover the cost to replace the weigh scale at the city's transfer station. 

According to Brady, the scale has been deemed unsafe by Dutchess County Department of Weights and Measures.  Brady says that the steel deck has a hole in it and the foundation under the scale is crumbling, both of which present safety concerns.  The finance commissioner also pointed out that the transfer station scale is a revenue generator for the city.

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